August 27, 2014

Outfit Reportage: Casual, Comfortable, and Cute

On days when I have a lot of errands, I just want to be casual and comfortable. Though I'd still like to look cute and dolly if I can help it! Inspired by BJD schoolboys, I created this outfit: casual, comfortable, cute, and innocent. (Because students are innocent, right?)

Outfit Formula:

Sailor collar: handmade by me (it was my first project ><)
Oxford shirt: Dongdaemun Migliore, 10,000KRW
Pleated shorts: Tokyo Fashion
Thigh high socks: Gmarket, 2,500KRW
Shoes: Payless, ~$27

The student-feeling with this outfit also makes me want to go to the library and study~

▲ Wow, the shadows really accentuate how puffy my cheeks are! My face looks like someone took a ball of dough and poked little holes for my eyes and mouth, like this:

Haha! Coincidentally, this makes my nickname 작은번 (Little Bun) all the more befitting. My boyfriend is 큰번 (Big Bun) while I am Little Bun. And we mean bread buns, not butt buns!

Outfit Points:

  • High pigtails keep my hair from getting in the way. It does wonders to keep me stay focused on my work, while looking oh-so- cute as well. I actually didn’t do a great job on my hair, but oh well, you get the point!
  • The shorts are very airy and roomy thanks to their outward flare. This extra leg room is priceless for days where I have to walk a lot!
  • The oxford shirt actually has a collar of its own, which my sailor collar is merely sitting ontop of. This double-layering creates a very round shoulder line, which I think is cute and child-like. Sharp and broad shoulders look more grown-up, I think. And in the future I will pin the collar to my shirt so that it doesn’t bounce around ><

Possible Alterations:

I will definitely be tweaking this general formula to create more outfits! I currently have two ideas in mind:
  • Preppy boy: If I swap the collar for a sweater tied around my shoulders, it’ll be like preppy guy style. I’ll also have to change the socks and shoes for lighter colors and leathery loafers.
  • Pretty and feminine: Instead of my sailor collar, I can instead use a simple brown ribbon tied into a bow. The sailor collar is a bit cartoonish. A simple brown bow would look more feminine and even older. In that case, I would let my hair down instead.

What’s your comfortable errand combination?

August 25, 2014

A Primer Intended for Dry Skin: Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence Review

Etude House has two versions of their Pore Ever primer: the stick version and the essence version. The stick version, with its glue-stick like texture, is intended for oily skin. The essence on the other hand, has a gel-like texture which seeks to provide moisture for dry skin. Long story short? Stick version = oily skin. Essence (this review) = dry skin.

How does it fare? It’s alright for light stuff, but heavy stuff not so much...

This review is kindly sponsored by Honest Skin. Thank you Honest Skin!


Brand: Etude House
Name: Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence
Amount: 20mL
Actual Weight: 35g
Price in Korea: 9,500KRW
Price on Honest Skin: $10.15 (Make sure to use my discount code "P88FIHW163" for 5% off!)

cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, water, dipropylene glycol, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, alcohol denat., methyl methylacrylate crosspolymer, PEG/PPG-20/20 dimethicone, magnesium sulfate, sorbitansesquioleate, silica, ethylhexylglycerin, triethoxygcaprylylsilane, phenoxyethanol, fragrance (parfum), mica (CI 77019), titanium dioxide (CI 77891), iron oxides (CI 77492), iron oxides (CI 77491), iron oxides (CI 77499)

Here is the box and tube:


One thing to note about the tube: Mine came pretty full, so a lot can spill out if you're not careful (like me.)

It’s light yellow but blends clear. It smells pretty noticeably of man cologne! However, it's only apparent as I’m applying it and goes away once blended.

It’s a thin and lightweight texture, not at all thick or silicon-y. It comes out like a gel. It does feel thick and silicon-y as I begin spreading it, but once it it dries completely, it becomes a very thin veneer. At that point it feels eever so slightly starchy and sticky, similar to how solid perfume feels (which would make sense considering this is quite fragranced.) But overall, it spreads thinly and feels incredibly lightweight.

Outdoor shade:

If you don't like pores, do NOT look!

Please note: The following photos have been purposely darkened to better show the subtle results. And as you know, darkening a photo makes skin look much worse than it is. My camera also accentuates my pores kind just like a microscope does, but thankfully my skin doesn’t look half this bad in real life. So before anyone goes on to criticize, gossip, or judge me for my bad skin, consider that I am willingly making myself look worse so that you can see for yourself actual results on an actual face, as opposed to just having to take my word for it. >_> *huff *

1.) Without BB Cream: It helps, but it's a small improvement. The primer makes my pores appear slightly less obvious, almost as if I blurred their edges a bit. You may be able to see this slight difference in the circle:

Left: with primer, Right: without primer

2.) After applying BB Cream: The primer is able to completely cover and smoothen my small pores, but my enlarged pores on the tip of my nose remain visible. In the following picture I’ve circled the aforementioned “small pores” for you to compare. Notice the visibility of these pores compare with and without primer:

**Please note that the photo looks much, much worse than real life. Although it looks terribly bumpy in the photo, in real life my skin looked just as I had stated in text: completely smooth (except for the pores at the tip of my nose) with the primer on. In real life you couldn't even see the encircled pores with primer on. So please remember that in the end, the photos are still just supplement to my textual explanations!

And as far as dry flakes go, it hasn’t helped me at all. It may help subtle dryness, but in the case of legitimate flakes, the texture is too thin to do anything.

I personally haven’t found any difference with and without primer. My nose is slightly oily, and in both cases the BB Cream begins to loosen up after 2-3 hours.

Again, it didn’t look nearly this bad in real life—it didn't actually look bad at all—but at least you can make a relative comparison:

More or less the same.

Sadly, it didn’t do the trick for my nose! I think it may be sufficient for someone with very minor issues in pore size (to the point that you probably wouldn't even think of buying a primer just for your pore size.) As someone with enlarged pores and dry flakes, it didn’t help me. Honestly, I see very miniscule benefit in using this. The only change is a very small improvement in pore smoothening, but even then it's not enough to give preference over another primer.

No, I would not recommend it to my friends, especially if they were trying to cover enlarged pores and/or dry flakes. On a side note, for anyone with severe flakiness on their nose, I would highly recommend exfoliating! I think it’s easier (and worth it) to tackle your underlying skin issues than it is to find makeup to cover it. Salicylic acid combined with the Clarisonic and an occasional blackhead mask has helped me a lot. Hah, I know the pictures aren’t helping my argument, but I swear my nose looks fine in real life! (So don't comment about it, else I shall sass you for not reading closely!)

Thank you again Honest Skin!

August 24, 2014

I made a real video! Unboxing/review/kind of video.

I didn’t plan to make this video; I just woke up one day and thought it’d be fun—see, I’m telling ya, inspiration just strikes! But now that I’m warmed up in terms of the video-making process, I do hope to film my wig collection and gyaru tips soon! (Just one more review, one more!)

Anywho, this little video is about a face mask I bought in Korea. I thought it was too cute to ignore. It’s a short video, only 2:25 long. (The colors look better in 1080p, though!) Captions are available for my slurred speech.

Extra notes about the video:

After reviewing the video, I was hesitant to post it because I’m quite certain some people will give me flak for being fake cute. However, I have decided to simply act the way I am most comfortable, which is to not restrict myself or “tone it down” simply to appear less childish/ridiculous. I’ve already had enough of that at work and in real life, so no more if I can help it!

And the same goes with my blog. With each successive blog post, I feel more and more at ease to express my true thoughts and opinions (though tactfully, of course!) I know that my tone of voice is quite different in writing than from my videos, and that I think is one of the beauties of the written word. Writing is in and of itself a more formal method of communication and it allows me to play with serious tones.

And as far as the stare…I just like to stare? That’s how I take pictures, anyway! I wouldn't be offended if people thought it was creepy, since I am apparently very creepy! But I do hate moving around while I’m masking. Whether it be a clay mask or a sheet mask, I don’t want it to fall off nor do I want it to tug. Is anyone else like that?

August 21, 2014

Budget Shopping at Express Bus Terminal in Seoul, Korea

One thing I pride myself in is being able to shop bargains. Part of it is me being very frugal—I’m resist buying things that are too pricey in my book. The other part, I like to think, is that I happen to have a good eye for spotting things. I am proud to say that I once bought two pairs of thick, fleece-lined leggings for 2,500KRW total!

Cheap shopping area: Express Bus Terminal

Allow me to introduce you to Express Bus Terminal. Aside from Gmarket, this is the next cheapest place to buy clothes in Korea. Not too many foreigners seem to know about this place, seeing how most of the shoppers there are Korean. I almost thought of keeping it that way by not saying a word about it, hah...But oh well, here I am!

Express Bus Terminal doubles as both a subway stop and, well, a bus terminal! It’s one of the stops for intercity buses. At ground level you have a department store (the Shinsegae) and underneath around the subway entrance is a monstrous–and I do mean monstrous–shopping area. I’m not talking your typical underground shopping mall like the one right next door at Gangnam Station; this one is packed and huge! They mostly have clothes, but if you make it all the way to the end, they also sell blankets, home décor, plants, they have a food court, and they have cosmetics stores in the center. And just a tip: cash only, and not much bargaining going on in most stores (unless you buy a lot, which then maybe you can maybe bargain a couple bucks.) However, some store owners will try to rip you off if you're a foreigner, so be careful!

My haul:

This is where my “good eye” comes in. Since I’m not a big fan of Korean style, I have to look hard to find dolly-like clothing. And aside from very basic tees or tanks, most cute tops go from 10,000KRW to around 20,000KRW. I personally hate paying more than 10,000KRW for any one thing, and paying less is even better. I’m one of those girls who is willing to sacrifice a little bit of quality if it means having lots of it!

I took my sister here when she came to Korea last fall—yes, these pictures are from way long ago! I think I did pretty well with this haul, if I may say so myself!

A super cute floral backpack—totally my style!

I'd wear this to school in a heartbeat if given the chance!

Most of the bags didn’t suit my fancy (too simple), but then I spotted this:

It’s a bit simple, but still very cute and cartoony! Might I mention that it’s great quality, too? It’s unbelievably sturdy for only 10,000KRW.

This long and billowy blouse reminded me a what many BJD wear:

I think it could be fashioned into an effortless mori girl style, or it could be used in a pale, sickly look for gloomy days. :) I want to also note that I found this one in an ajumma’s store, haha! The ajumma was so surprised and happy when I picked it out.

This blouse reminds me so much of that picnic-y gyaru look from a couple years ago:

This was another rare find in a sea of Korean-style tops:

I had actually seen a BJD dress that had a very similar floral-on-grey print, which is precisely the reason I bought it! Just yesterday I finished modifying this top into a super dolly dress!

Here is a similar top that also reminded me of a BJD dress:

Thankfully the wrinkles have loosened out by now, so I’ll be working on turning this into a dolly dress next!

I also bought some PJs for the summer:

It looks a bit tacky, but it reminds me of 2008-2009 gyaru which I still have warm feelings for. ^^

And last but not least, one of my favorite purchases: my idea of a perfect apron for only 4,000KRW!

The floral/plaid print reminds me so much of cottages. It makes me want to bake pastries in late summer afternoons.

I’m very curious, how much do clothes cost in your country?
In America, pretty tops go for $20+, I think (going by Forever21 prices.) Tees and sale items are of course cheaper, while dresses start at $30. Correct me if I’m wrong, and do share where you buy budget clothes!