January 23, 2015

A comfy, true blue lens: Premium Gem Blue (dark eye review)

These lenses are a true blue—not navy blue, not turquoise, just blue. They’re large, vivid, and comfy. They’d be perfect for cosplay or cartoony looks!

These lenses were generously sponsored by Special Lens. Thank you Special Lens!


Brand: Premium Gem Blue
Diameter: : 14.5mm
Water Content: 55%
Price: $21.95

Link here

The lenses came in a little plastic container:

(The following 2 paragraphs are copied and pasted from my previous review.)

If you notice, the vial packaging is actually by Special Lens. The sales rep at Special Lens explained to me that they simply repackage the lenses with their own design. Here's what she said:
"All contact lenses are OEM lenses. Manufacturer only produced the contact lenses, they do not marketing it. We're wholesaler that ordered large number of contact lenses directly from the manufacturer, so they allowed us to have our own brand name on it as well as packaging."

Here's what it looks like:

natural window light

The lenses themselves are somewhat light blue. There is a slight white layer on the back of the lens:


For lens newbies, this whiteness helps cancel out your eye color. I have dark eyes, so the lenses show up on me as medium blue. But it’s likely different for people with light eyes. Here's how they look on me:

Extra notes:
In dim light, the lenses look dark blue. They’re not quite navy blue since that’s a different hue, but they’re dark blue! In ample or bright light (such as outdoors or in well-lit buildings), they are a vibrant medium blue—so neither dark blue nor light blue. The blue color is obvious and undeniable, even on my dark eyes. And when I look to the side, they look even lighter (because my pupil is not in the way.) As for the design details, they are somewhat noticeable from a normal talking distance, but one would also have to be paying attention.

Comfy! The lenses are pretty thin, although I wouldn't say they're very thin:

These are in the comfortable range for 14.5mm circle lenses, but not to the point that I don’t feel anything. Nonetheless, they’re still much more comfortable than many other lenses I’ve tried and are easily doable for a day out shopping.

Details: When I insert them, it feels slightly uncomfortable, although it only lasts a few minutes. Afterwards, my vision is mostly clear (about 720p on a 1080p scale.) It occasionally gets a blurry around the edges, but I reckon that’s because the lens color is blocking the edges of my iris. After about 3 hours, my eyes begin to feel tired; however, I don’t feel any scraping or sharp stinging like I do with many others lenses.

They’re enlarging, vivid, and comfy. I think they’re an all-around good pair of lenses! They’re not the mooost comfortable lenses I’ve tried, but pretty up there, especially considering they don’t scrape or like a lot of other lenses do. I also have sensitive eyes in general, so I wouldn’t be surprised if other girls felt nothing with these lenses. And gosh, they’re so so blue! I would recommend these for anyone who wants a vivid, cartoonish blue look. :)

For reference, these photos were taken outside around 4pm. The sun was beginning to set.






Thank you again to Special Lens for making these this review and these photos possible! You can browse the rest of their Premium Gem series here:

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Thank you for reading! As always, let me know if you have any questions regarding my experiences~ ^^

January 20, 2015

I’ve been web interviewed!

I’m so giddy and honored to say that I’ve been web interviewed! Eeek, it was so much fun! The interview was about fashion, so I talked about my fashion journey, my goals, and learning to find your own fashion voice.

Interview with Harajuku Fashion Mexico

► (Click here.) ◄

For example, did you know that I actually started with Korean style back in the day? Yep! Or, did you know that I plan to live in Japan and Taiwan next? Or maybe you’re curious how my friends and family put up with my heavy makeup?

Ok, I’m trying very hard to get you interested here But basically, you can treat this interview as a regular blog post! Even though it’s technically on someone else’s blog, hehe. I really enjoyed answering these questions (since I don't get to talk about fashion much on this blog), so I hope you take a look. ^^ And if your native language is not English but Spanish, you’re in luck because it’s been translated as well!

A big thank you to the sweet Naishys for interviewing me and going through the effort of translating everything! (And for even finding me interview-worthy in the first place!) Here are her links:

Her Asian fashion FB page
Her blog

This interview also reminds me of the bajllion tag posts that I need to do. I have them penciled in my blog schedule, but there’s so much I want to do in general (which is actually why I end up getting none of it done…) -.- But until then, please go check the interview! ► Link here

Thank you for reading! ^_^

January 17, 2015

Trying a Kelp Mask for the First Time: It’s AMAZING~! Whamisa Organic Sea Kelp Facial Sheet Mask Review

Yes, kelp! Kelp as in seaweed. Crazy, isn’t it?

Man, this is what I’m talking about when I mentioned being a pioneer and staying at the forefront of cool products!

First, I have to thank Glow Recipe for being so generous and letting me try this. They’re so polite and professional; it’s a refreshing change from many other Kcosmetic shops out there. While I can’t speak as a true customer, they are one of my favorite sponsors to work with. And based on what I've tried so far, they sure know how to pick products!

Now, let’s try this kelp mask, shall we?!

(Please note that this is not a typical review! It’s more of a first-look/experience type of post, since I’ve only used this product once. I’ll still touch on many topics that normal reviews would, but I’ll be introducing it in story format instead. ^^)

This mask is undeniably unique and one reason is, of course, that it uses actual sea kelp. This mask seeks to address everything—wrinkles, skin texture, pores, moisture, and radiance. It can be purchased from Glow Recipe for $14.

Product description closeup:

Benefits & directions closeup:

Bottom of the package closeup:

True to Glow Recipe's mission, this mask is organic and natural. It also contains 0% water, not to mention the bountiful vitamins and minerals contained in sea kelp. The full ingredients list can be found here on Glow Recipe's website.

Whamisa's inspiration behind sea kelp came from pearl divers from Jeju Island. These women use sea kelp to keep their skin soft. Here is an interesting video taken from Glow Recipe’s Instagram that shows the behind-the-scenes preparation for these masks:

Alright, here we go. Opening the package!

(▲ This is how I open sheet masks~ It gives you better access to all the serum~)

I knew it was kelp, but to actually open up a sheet mask and have seaweed staring right back at you...it's so crazy!

Bf snapped a photo of me smelling it, haha~

Texture: It’s just like the seaweed/kelp you buy in the Asian grocery store. The only difference is that this mask is thinner:

▼ Grocery store kelp:

▼ Our mask (top portion, with white backing still on):

▼ bottom portion (no white backing):

▼ closeups of the above two:

For anyone unfamiliar with kelp, it’s gooey and slippery. It’s kind of like a gel mask, except seaweed.

Scent: This mask smells strongly of seaweed. (Although according to Bf, it smells like seaweed plus skincare.) While I personally think it smells delicious, it could definitely be weird or off-putting to some!

The serum: The kelp is plenty saturated. While there are no puddles in the pouch, there is enough excess serum on the white lining to cover my face, neck, and hands. The serum is slightly gooey and thick. It dries even gooier and leaves behind a thin (practically negligible) green film.

Getting all the serum from the white lining XD

Moving onward, now it's time to put it on!

Mask Fit: Thanks to the two-piece design, it fits wonderfully! The only part where it didn’t fit was my nose bridge, but that was a simple fix (cut and flatten.) This mask adheres nicely to my small face and would also fit well on medium-sized faces; however, it's not the type to have much extra slack.

What it feels like: It doesn't really feel like anything. No pain, no stinging, no cooling...Just seaweed on my face. It is a bit slippery, though!

▼ Notice how it slipped down on my chin here:

(Here are the results that I observed. However, please remember that unlike my
typical reviews, I have only used this product once at the time of writing.)

It worked really well! I can feel definitely the price difference between this and your typical 1,000₩ (or even 2,000₩) sheet mask. I say that from the perspective of having dry skin. Here’s how it compares:

Regular, economic sheet masks: These masks provide me moisture, but do little else beyond that—no improvement in texture, complexion, or pores. And because it’s usually a thin water-based serum, the moisture seems to die down significantly once the mask dries. It's still hydrating, but not jaw-droppingly so. Because it's one thing to add moisture, and another to keep it. And that's the problem with dry skin.

This mask: This mask, on the other hand, actually made my skin soft and supple. I currently have dry itchy cheeks from the winter, but there was no sign of that whatsoever after using this mask. My skin felt smooth, soft, and extremely hydrated for hours on end. It almost felt like there was a sebum-like coating to keep the moisture in. The moisture and softness was stronger and longer-lasting than what typical sheet masks give me. Cheaper sheet masks are by no means bad, but this one was just that much better for me.

Complexion, radiance, and pore size: I think it delivered well here, too. My complexion looked less ruddy and more even. I usually wake up from my nap with large pores, but that didn’t happen today.

redness, cheek 1:

(▲ Although it looks like it could be a difference from brightness, the brightness is actually about the same in both photos.)

redness, cheek 2:


This is how my skin looked from afar after the mask:

Now, I have cleaned up the major acne scars between my eyebrows and one on my nose (which you can see here, if you'd like.) But apart from that, the rest of my skin is unedited for accuracy.

I looove it! Believe me, I’m pretty skeptical about product gimmicks, and I was skeptical about this one, too. But it impressed me! I've never felt so soft and supple after a sheet mask. It showed me a new world of hope for dry skin. Looking back at what Glow Recipe had written on their product listing (that this is an entirely new experience of sheet masks and that it calms dry and depleted skin), I agree with everything they said. Normally, product listings sound like advertisements, but I totally agree this time!

Would I buy this with my own money? Yes! In fact, I plan to! Now, I’m usually a huuge budget buyer—clothes, makeup, hotels, you name it—but for some reason, this feels worth it to me. My reasoning is because over the past 2 years, my skin has, well...gone to crap. I’m at a point where I’m desperate for results. I’ve begun to gradually move into higher-end skincare, which is why spending $56 for 4 masks doesn’t seem too bad of a deal anymore. And these masks would be perfect for days when I really need my makeup to be flawless.

Should you buy this? It depends on your priorities. If your skin is doing great and you don’t feel any pressure to go further, then I wouldn’t advise it. Spending $14 could potentially feel like a waste if you're fine with 1,000₩ masks anyways!

But if you’re like me and feel as though 1,000₩ sheet masks, as nice as they are, just aren’t giving your skin the extra care it needs, then I recommend giving this a try! Or, if you just have money to spare and want try something new (and rare!), I invite you to try it, too. ^^ You can think of it as a a luxurious treat for your DIY facial. Also, using the link below will bring the price down to $9!

▼ Click here for a $5 coupon off your first order from Glow Recipe ▼


▼ Click here for the product listing ▼

If you'd like to read more about this mask, Glow Recipe has also written their own review of the product here.

Thank you for reading! As always, let me know if you have any questions about my experience~